Welcome to my site my fellow amazing women.

Are you over 40? Yes, welcome you gorgeous young thing.

Are you over 50? Woohoo, Join the fabulous fifty club, fabulous and fifty. It is not so bad, is it?

Are you beyond? I bow to you, you wise and wonderful women. Please share your positive growing tales with us.

Hi, I’m Janette. I am 55 years young and I am fabulous.  Who am I and what am I?

Grab a coffee, tea or wine and I will tell you. I have guided, mentored, inspired, instructed and motivated many customers and friends over the past 20 years in the fitness industry. After a few years in IT, (yes yes, back in the 80 and 90s), when I was wearing my big shoulder pads, I am laughing out loud and I know, you know where I am coming from. Next running my own small business in body care, and having my 2 babies. In the words of every doting parent, the most amazing beautiful boys whom I love more than life itself, I found Pilates. I fell in love with this method of exercise and thus begun my 20-year journey to where am I today,  owner/instructor at “JanetteBendle Pilates or also known as “the Studio”. Last September I was joined by a good friend and an amazing Yoga instructor and teacher. Our combined business and the class timetable are under the umbrella of “The Studio” Now at the beginning of another new journey, looking to inspire, motivate and encourage women on their journey as they head into middle-agedom. (No, it is not a word, but, I am making it an official Janetteism. Oh, you wait, there is many of them.)

The question is, will you join me? I have so much I want to share.

I am so passionate about my job, my incredible and loyal customers, some have been with me from the beginning, some are new, no matter what I am committed to them and will continue to train, inspire and motivate them. My clientele is aged between 15 years old, with the oldest being 86, the most dedicated and inspirational being a young 82 and a half. I am not allowed to say 83 just yet. He is the most beautiful human being, yes HE. People confuse pilates as being for “girls” HA. I am laughing out loud. Those people have not attended my sessions. Hence why I still have 80-year-olds attending my sessions. I GET RESULTS.   As I was saying I will always dedicate my time to all my clientele, however, now I seem to have a large middle age demographic, I am watching women, with their children needing them less, they have a little more time to concentrate on themselves. Halleluiah I say. They feel a little frumpy through years of putting everyone else first. I say it’s your time my darlings. Lets hit this new journey running. Follow me and let us share this journey.

Through this blog, I will share fitness, health and wellness tips, as well as encouraging to find your mojo, your unique style and be confident to find the inner you again. You are  beautiful

Janette ❤️❤️


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