Sit down and breathe

Menopause wellness coach

Three days ago I told you that I had to write a blog every day whilst I participate in this course. Well what did I just say? Three days have passed. Yikes. It’s like having kids, I had mine 2 years ago. Didn’t I?

In reality it was 21 and 23 years ago. Whatttt? How old am I? Menopausal old that’s what I am.

Life just gets in the way of the things I want to do. Between work, walking dogs, my mum, cooking, housework, my kids, maybe an all day music festival, then of course there is the beach, adopting dogs, spruiking about the benefits of adopting dogs to other people, housework. Is this a woman’s life? It appears so. Let’s breathe.

Sit down, close your eyes, forget about the world, relax, focus on breathing for one minute. Ahhhh

Back to my training, with everything I have just relayed to you of my past 3 days do you think I really had time to do my course? Well the answer is yes, just a little.

Are you wondering how close you are to menopause? Here are 14 common signs and symptoms that you are perimenopausal

Missed periods

Hot flashes/flushes

(I call it hot flushes, the Americans call it hot flashes, the plain and simple fact is you get damn hot. It is a feeling of intense heat accompanied by sweating and a maybe even rapid heartbeat. They can last from two minutes to 30 minutes and then just as quickly as they begin they can stop again.

Next is the most abhorred and the most worrisome for us women

Weight gain 🤨🤨🤨

Sleep deprivation

Vaginal dryness

Mood swings

Sore breasts

Chronic headaches

Decreased sex drive

(hey hang on just a minute, we have weight gain, sleep deprivation, vaginal dryness, sore boobs, migraines and somehow we are still supposed to feel like sex. My solution, fix those 5 and this problem may be solved too)


Night sweats ( different from hot flushes but you still feel like shit ) no you didn’t wet the bed, that is purely sweat.

Memory problems ( oh jeez where am I, who am I, where did 3 days go?)

Constant UTIs ( not nice)

Changes to skin and hair. The aging process itself, with loss of fatty tissue and collagen making your skin drier and thinner. Approaching menopause can contribute to these changes also. Lower levels of estrogen may cause hair to feel brittle, dry and maybe even fall out.

Many women think symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, itchiness, aches and pains are part of aging

A lot don’t even know what they are experiencing is symptoms of hormone imbalance

Most don’t even know it can be fixed

What are we going to do about it? That is where I help.

We are not a one size fits all program.

We have knowledge and understanding of what you are going through.

You get results.

We are there to help you and motivate you along the way

We are not going to give you a magic pill (there is no such thing)

We are not going to tell you to eat less and exercise more.

We will educate you.

Proper healthful diet, exercise that is suited to you specifically and healthy lifestyle are just one step away. Filling out one of our health evaluation forms is that step in the right direction to feeling better in yourself and about yourself.

Follow me on my journey towards helping women get themselves back.

Keep watching for tips and invaluable feeling better about your amazing self information

Chat soon beautiful woman ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I am middle aged. When did this happen?

The Menopause Coach

I am middle-aged, I am peri-menopausal, I am a women in her 50s and I am where a lot of women are today.

Did you know there were 477 million women suffering from menopause in 2005

Skip ahead to the year 2025, the World Health Organisation estimates that 1.1 billion women worldwide will be aged 50 or over and postmenopausal.

There are approximately 4 million women between the ages of 40 and 65 in Australia and over 1 million in New Zealand right now who are somewhere between pre and post menopause. One of the many symptoms is weight gain

No, menopause itself does not actually cause the weight gain, but a hormone imbalance can cause weight gain.

So here is what happens in the lead up to menopause.

Hormones, oestrogen and progesterone fluctuate, which influence the hormones insulin and cortisol, eventually leaving a woman insulin resistance and stress sensitive

The result is:

Belly fat and other menopausal symptoms

It will be my role as a coach and mentor to help you through this period with ease and help minimise weight gain.

The average age of menopause is 51 years old however it can range anywhere from the ages of 40 to 58 years old.

I have been a Pilates instructor/personal trainer for 20 years. A large part of my customer base have been athletes and very strong, frequent exercisers. Last year I looked around at my clientele and noticed a lot of the women are 40+ and they are fabulous.

Forever thinking myself young, when did I turn 50? I don’t feel 50, I don’t look 50, but, jeez this is me, this is my demographic. I am one of those statistics I mentioned above.

I had the knowledge to help myself, so, why not share it.

I needed to make some changes to my business and within myself. I had the knowledge to help this age group. I embarked on a new exercise system aimed to this fabulous but sometimes self neglected age group. I ran a 10 week course with much success that it spurred me on to see what else I could value add. With some extra education in understanding hormones and menopause from the wonderful Lynn Miller and Paul Newson of Menofitness, I’m on my way to becoming a menopause coach.

I am one month into my training, Soaking up every bit of extra information I can sink into my menopausal brain and loving it.

I will be ready in another 4 to 8 weeks to take my pilgrimage into the world of menopause makeovers. Will you join me on my new path. I am looking forward to meeting like-minded beautiful women on this new journey.

Todays blog idea came from another course that Paul recommended we do in one of his live feeds. How to launch your expert business in the next 30 days. Finding your voice is first, in order to share your knowledge. Makes sense. It suggested there were three types of people.




those who like to be on camera.

I am the writer. Welcome to my first blog sharing my journey into hormone coaching. I will share what each new day brings as I take this new direction in business and in life. Wish me luck.

I’ll finish this by sharing a little humour with you, this is lovely and made me laugh because only women understand this !

If my body was a car, I would be trading it in for a newer model. I’ve got bumps, dents, scratches & my headlights are out of focus. My gearbox is seizing up & it takes me hours to reach maximum speed. I overheat for no reason and every time I sneeze, cough or laugh either my radiator leaks or my exhaust backfires!

Have a beautiful day ladies ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Watch this space for tips and invaluable information on how to feel better through Menopause.

Signing off

Janette xxx

Am I a Bingo Dingo?

Hello again, I am Miss over 40, over 50, not yet beyond. Self-confessed fitness fanatic, best in the business Pilates instructor, lover of food, have a fabulous lifestyle, fashion lover and apparent bingo attendee

What’s your thoughts on bingo? Is bingo for the elderly?

No funny comments if you are younger than me! I have played bingo on the rare occassion with my mum since I was young, it really is a fun game.

But seriously do we associate bingo with the elderly, we do, don’t we?

My beautiful mum is 83, mind as sharp as a whip. Before I go any further, who else finds that a rather odd saying? Generally it means the person is quite intelligent, however, I do think to myself, well how sharp is a whip? Hmmm it actually refers to the crack of the whip.

On that note, there is also sharp as a tack, well there is some ouch factor if you stand on one. This one relates to humour. Well my mum is sharp as a whip also sharp as a tack. Funny and intelligent. Thank God I took after her.

Last Saturday I rang my mum. “Mum I haven’t seen as much as usual lately” I suggested a mother daughter day on Sunday.

Excitedly, what will we do? She says. Let me surprise you! I thought movies? Nope there was nothing I thought Mum or I would get excited over. Oh yes the theatre ? I love the theatre,wizard of Oz playing. There was no tickets left for someone who has walking disabilities (age related), Mum, not me 😬

Bingo, light bulb moment, my mind again said yes actually, Bingo. My mind exploded with excitement. Bingo , she will be ecstatic. I find the local bingo, gathered all the information I needed and a plan was set.

Do you know what a bingo dingo is? No? It is someone who doesn’t play bingo who will then will arrive to play for the big one, yes the jackpot. It is kind of frowned upon in the bingo world.

I have had a few games, so not completely a novice. The last time was probably four years ago in a little country town, Mulwala (Victoria Australia) at one of the RSL clubs. I must mention first, I am not meat eater.

It was at this club, an agriculture district, that I had my first bingo win. The excitement welled in me as I waited one more number, I screamed BINGO and smiled like a Cheshire Cat with excitement. You will never guess? Well maybe you will, I won the jackpot.

The jackpot was? Yes, you guessed it, the biggest tray of meat you have ever seen. I donated it to my meat eating group of friends but rejoiced in the fact that I actually won something.

Sunday, I arrive at my mums at 1 PM, I pack her up into the car, she asks “ where are we going?” Bingo I replied.

I’m pleased to announce, she was happy. I dropped her at the front door and parked the car whilst mum secured a spot in the line to buy our bingo games.

Since it was my treat, when I arrived I took her spot in the line and allowed her to move to the side. Unsure of how many games to play, as the very experienced sometimes play up to 6 games, I, being not so experienced, turned to the sweet looking lady directly behind me to ask her advice. “Hello how are you today? “ What do you recommend I should do? Her rather terse response was “Go to the back of the line where you belong“ I said pardon, I do not understand. Why would you say that? You pushed in. It was at that moment I learnt of the competitiveness of the “ bingo groupies”

I explained that I did not actually push in, and that my mum had been in the queue. I found out afterwords when a lovely, somewhat less competitive lady sitting at my table explained to me, “those games are potential winners”, so if I won, she would be very unhappy. My logic is it works two ways, if she won she would be very happy and glad she did not push me out of my spot.

Anyway I won her over with my friendly chat I departed the line friends with Helen!

Enter the bingo room. Tables, so many tables, row after row, groups seated together bringing their thermos filled with steaming cofffee, homemade sandwiches, cakes, you name it, it was there. Seats saved, with simple bingo texts, that made the same statement as a reserved sign in a restaurant. Is this spot free? No, I hear, as they point to the BINGO texta.

The tables are long, possibly 8-10 seats each side. Mum and I were lucky enough to find two seats together, reality was, the person my seat was reserved for, failed to show. I’m pleased to say we were surrounded by lovely people.

2pm eyes down. We were playing 2 books each game. Not quite experienced, but no beginner either. I took in the atmosphere. This is serious stuff. I recall the days of comments such as legs eleven, number 11, number 8 shut, the gate, 2 fat ladies, 22. In the politically correct world we now live in, this has been eradicated. Apparently some of these quirky little sayings were racist, predudjice, insulting. Come on, it’s all a bit of light entertainment. Straight up the nu beds are called, on its own number 8, all the sevens 77,slightly more serious.

Game after game, so close, then “BINGO”. Last game (number 10) of first round, JACKPOT game. Number after number, I dotted them on my bingo game books with my special bingo texta, 3 to go, 2 to go, 48 was my last number. Then it came, I looked at my book, to sent messages to my brain, oh my god, “BINGO I yell so enthusiastically, the whole place stopped and stared. That Cheshire Cat was back. Everyone at my table, the table behind, all smiled and congratulated me. $280 buckeroos, dollars, whatever term you choose to use. In our hot little hands. I think my enthusiasm may have thawed there competitive iciness. Genuine congratulations I received.

I was asked to come back next week. Was that because they enjoyed my company? Or they want a chance to win back some money, I think laughing to myself.

2 more rounds, 10 games per round, 30 games over the day. 3 hours of concentrated entertainment, with no more wins. I looked around for Helen. Would she be glaring? My guess is a big YES.

Am I a bingo dingo? Questionable. I am not a first timer, but they don’t know that. I say no!

Will we go back, hell yeah! All my girlfriends called me, books in, book us in. I’ll be back in a fortnight my new bingo hall friends. Mark my words, Mum and I are going to be one of the bingo crew. Someone will be saving my seat in the near future!

Hopefully I do not become a bingo dragon breathing down the back of the neck of the lovely YOUNG lady in front of me in the queue. She’ll turn to me and ask what do you recommend, I will answer, buy four books, come sit with me and we will go halves in YOUR winnings. 😂😂😂😂😂 I’ll share my homemade sandwiches. 💋

Chat soon darlings ❤️

2017 friends turning fifty, middle age, Travel and kids

Whilst less extravagant than 2016, nonetheless it was a year of travel. Smaller trips encompassed a weekend to Lorne. One of my favorite places on earth. Next  a 5 day cruise with mums in tow to Tasmania, followed by a week on the Land of the long white cloud, South Island New Zealand. Wow. It’s beauty unsurpassed. Lake Wanake, it’s magnificence leaves me speechless. Tasmania again, with my mum again. Tassie is an Aussie asset, without a doubt.

Catch ups. Everyone is turning 50. Rescuing animals, loving animals, acrobalance workshops, doing handstands, acro-flying, you name it, we did it. Yoga, birthdays, my dogs, my boys, work, classes, training, vegans, rescue sanctuary. Kids flying the coup! Overseas travel, Just loving life.

Written on 31/12/17

Here I go again, apologies upfront
Yes it’s another long one
You can bow out now or take the punt

Another New year is upon us once again
I’m still happy, healthy and fit, AMEN

We partied at my friends, dressed up, yes there was sparkles & glitz
We had a band, there was champers & beer
I had too much aperol spritz

Many events, this year, have taken place
The year has flown
Life sets a very fast pace

Last year ended and began again in the city
A weekend with the best of friends,
Does it need to end, what a pity

15 Mums and daughters took to the high sea
We sailed from Melbourne and around Tasmania
We made new memories, my Mum and me

Catch up dinners, regularly, this group of Mums and kids
I bet these Mums would not give up their daughters
No way, these girls are awesome, not for a million quids

4 days in New Zealand, I did go
A stunningly beautiful destination
In the top 10 of happiest countries, did you know?

While I was there I caught up with my old school friend Kate
Gorgeous to see her
we had scrumptious brunch date

Europe beckoned for kade my son
Elliot his mate joined in the Fun
You returned my memories of 30 years ago
When I spent my first Christmas in the snow
I gave you one more hug & stared into your face
I was sad, happy, excited , I held on, for one more second
That mother son embrace

I watched you walk through the big sliding door
So proud, but please turn around
So I can see your beautiful face, once more

Kyle my grown up younger son
Brings Fun and uncontrollable laughter to everyone
Can skull a beer in less than 5 seconds
It’s Bendle’s on a bender trick, when the party beckons

The BAD bits

Cancer is such ugly disease
It has attacked one of our own with heinous ease

It chooses its victims with no apparent care
Its chooses the good ones, life is sometimes unfair

We have watched from afar, your body, so very tired
But you hold your head high, inspirational to say the least
I speak for one & all, we are so very inspired.

GOOD stuff this year, wow, 50ths galore
Next year we can expect a few more

Craigs Big night in June, was just was the beginning
Julies in October, lefts us all grinning
Karens in November, had all in a trance
As all the girls performed their flash mob dance

A photo booth that sparked many a laugh
Too much booze, caused many to barf
Police were called to one noisy do
But the party continued on without further ado
Next there was the Beatles, ABBA & Kiss
Madonna, Suzie & Amy didn’t go amiss
But the hit of the night, the ultimate pop star
Was none other than Karen Wescott aka Lady Gaga

Reunions of any sort, such a buzz
I was reunited on Facebook
With my long lost Irish cuz

A school reunion at the nightclub chasers
So so many,
familiar faces

Some unchanged
A few estranged
Lives explained
Figures retained
New friendships gained
But best of all, we were all entertained

Movie dates with my mum,
My confidante, my mentor & my best chum

Catch ups often with good friends
Does this socialising never end
Is there a health retreat you’d recommend
So my worn out old body can please mend

Sydney, port Douglas & palm cove
In August we hired a car, we drove & drove
From Sydney and espresso martini’s
to Port Douglas and teeny-weeny bikinis

Now at the studio, I am joined by Anna
Yoga, pilates, workshops
Look out for our banner

Our timetable updated on a regular basis
We look forward to greeting many new faces

Grand final day, always at the Walkers
Great food, great company, boisterous loud talkers
Tigers were the grand final winners this year
From all at the party, an almighty cheer

10 girls, on the day before, took a limo ride
Raising money for ovarian cancer we sat side by side
A wine, some lunch, a dance or three
End of the day, shoes off, what will be will be

November saw a trip away
Craig & I, with 2 mums at play
Hobart so pretty was the place to stay
Hot chips & red wine, freezing down at Sandy bay

Facebook to date

70 new friends have been made
The ban of puppy mills, new laws were laid
Phyllis Smith is my dark head twin
Apparently I was born to stand out, so why fit in
Facebook told me, so it must be so
Jokes every Wednesday from Patrick Tranter
Make us go ho ho ho
I topped the naughty side on Santas naughty & nice list
Regular events, not to be missed
Ads for this, and ads for that
Celebrity trainers telling us how not to get fat
But mouth watering recipes regularly adorn my page
Tips on how to live to 100 and anti age
I’m 369% asshole, this cannot be so
But I am still laughing at Amber when she fell flat on her face
6 months ago 🤪


I went to Rebeccas red hill farm
Don’t worry, I was done no harm
As 100s of hens set upon me
They hen pecked my ankles as I chuckled with glee
The joy of being with these girls
Outshone any diamonds or pearls
I played with her divine rescue lambs
I was putty in there little hoof hands
Charlie and Charlotte gave me the best day ever
I’m free for our next play date, anytime, whenever

All the sad losses in 2017, MAY THEY REST IN PEACE
From this earth, to a world above, to the angels, we release

Jerry Lewis made us laugh so hard
Legend Malcolm young, we held in high rockstar regard
David Cassidy he was so damn cute
Roger Moore so debonair always dressed in a suit
Tom petty, we loved him, HE was a heartbreaker
Hugh Hefner, was the playboy bunny maker

So many more, gone, not mentioned
may they Rest In Peace, our admiration for them
Only strengthened

So happy for Turia Pitt
My hero, an icon
I have to admit

A baby for them now makes three
A brand new life
This amazing woman, deserves everything happy

Christmas was here and gone already
New year upon us, you better get ready

Our final night of the year is once more here
I wish my family, friends, the world much happy cheer

Thank you for touching my life this & past years
Maybe our words & support for each other have
helped brave fears

To those who I have mentioned now, right here
Come close and lend me your ear

And I whisper, “Please don’t live a life of ALMOST” Live with passion”

Now get off your arses
And charge your glasses

Here’s to happiness, health & living passionately in 2018

My wish for you all is to continue.
Continue to be who you are, to astonish, in a mean world with your acts of kindness. (Maya Angelou)L

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