Menopause is normal. The symptoms of menopause do not have to be a part of your life.



Attempting to capture light hearted take on Menopause



Please excuse me

I need to fan myself

I feel so goddam hot

But where is my fan, I need it now

it seems where i put it, I FORGOT


Oh dear, I think my pants have shrunk in the wash

my goodness they feel so tight

a salad a day is all i eat

I am still so bloated despite


My stress in high

my libido is low

my belly and chin hairs

continue to grow and grow


i look in the mirror

Just as I feared

I resemble my 80 year old mother

I now own 3 chin hairs, it’s my very own a beard


I no longer ovulate

My eggs have up and flown

My periods are heavy

I have low progesterone


My estrogen is low

My lady bits are dry

Having sex is painful

I try to not to cry


i get so weepy

I’m always sleepy

my family say I’m bitchy

My skin is itchy


Who are these kids


Ive forgotten their names


Joe, Jesse


oops I mean oh its James


Why is this happening

what is the cause

My doctor says you are normal Dear

it is “ONLY” menopause



YES it is normal. It is the natural advancement in a woman’s life.


Do you have to experience and live with the symptoms of menopause



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Shared from my site because I know us fabulous over 40, over 50s and beyond gals will get it.


My weekend, can I please start again?

I am fit, I am strong, my fabulous day job is a “Pilates instructor” and I love it.

Very rarely do I experience muscle soreness from the group classes that I instruct and consequently demonstrate the exercises.

DOMS Have you heard of this? Delayed onset muscle soreness. I very rarely feel muscle soreness. Have I said that already? yes, because it’s true. Except for today, the day after.

We did a lot of hamstrings (back of the thighs) yesterday. My Saturday mornings are very busy and it’s predominantly athletes, runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, I even have some martial art black belts attend weekly. Thus we do very strong sessions and due to the large numbers I run two sessions back to back.

Now to add to this mix, today anyway, occasionally I help out a local catering company.

The events they cater for are amazing and when I say amazing, I mean out of this world amazing. So I get paid to work, (on my feet for a further 6 hours) plus have fun, socialise and save money, due to not spending somewhere else. Win win

So my day started at 7am, Finishing at the studio at 11:15 am I dashed straight over to the festival I was waitressing at. Home at 6pm to cook a roast veggie dish for a dinner party,

With sore feet and an exhausted body, veggies ready, I pulled my tray out the oven. Oh no, my exhausted arms could not hold on, I dropped it all over my new kitchen mat which I bought two days prior. Tears almost welled in my eyes.

I did see the funny side, took a photo and sent it to my dinner party crew. What next, yes okay that’s it, I decided to chop up a watermelon, yes a whole watermelon, popping it on to a plate, I carried out from the kitchen bench to another in preparation for move to the car. Guess what? Yesssss, I did, a whole sweet delicious watermelon smashed all over the floor.

Breadstick yes, what can I do to that? Bite the end off in hunger? Only I know the answer to that one. I say with a wink 😉

Leaving my house, better close the blinds, seriously? they fell down.

Scream 😱 I arrived at my dinner party bottle of red wine and a breadstick. Everyone decided everything comes in threes so my run of bad luck was over. Do you think so?

Get to bed around midnight after a lovely evening and a couple of glasses of my lovely red wine, exhausted, one of my kids is pocket dialing me at 5 am. No no no no this cannot be happening.

I did lay in bed for a little bit longer, of course my bladder wants to throw a spanned in the works, up I go to the toilet, only then I felt the soreness.


Back of my thighs so sore. Anyone who exercises and experiences that day after soreness will know what it’s like to go to the toilet. Sitting down and standing up. Who relates?

A walk, that will loosen me up. Grabbing a coffee to go, I take my three dogs in the car to head to the park. Now I know that’s not ideal to carry your coffee in hand and drive, that statement proved to be correct when a car pulled out in front of me, I slammed on the brake my little foxy terrier Ella went flying, my coffee went flying all over the windscreen and my legs, my American bulldog Gloria’s big boof head ended up between the two front seats.

All 3 of us survived, we continued on our journey. The park was busy, I was walking with a few girls I knew, between us about 10 dogs.

My 3 rescue pups & loves in my life

Our local dog park is amazing it’s full of bush and trees and creeks and with path which is also full of roots and branches sticking out of the ground so you do have to watch your step.

Gloria big white American bulldog gentle giant disappeared, she can’t see very well consequently she she ended up with another group of people.

Unaware, she followed them about 300 m in the opposite direction. I took off after her. I ran, I tripped, over a branch, landing hard flat on my face and cracking my rib cage on a large root . Winding myself, gasping for breath, pain on breathing and pride hurt. Oblivious to all the other aches and pain‘s I was going to feel in about two hours time.

I try very hard not to be a victim, however I was feeling a little sorry for myself at this stage. We get home without any further ado, and I make myself a smoothie bowl for my breakfast. Blended fruits topped with muesli and more fruit. Are you thinking what I know happened? Yes I wore it. Off to the shower I went for a cleanup. Take two. I enjoyed my breakfast.

As the day went on I started to look like someone who was about 100 years old. My usual perfect posture slightly bent over, a limp, I couldn’t use my hands, my rib cage hurts, I have a bruised right hand, a swollen middle finger on my left hand, my right knee is bruised and causing a limp. My right big toe is sore.

Can it get any Worse ha ha ha

My puffy swollen exhausted body is looking for a new day. A new weekend in fact.


I the non-victim and definitely a dreamer, hereby requires a new weekend. Starting afresh where everything will run smoothly and as planned. Money is no object, therefore not requiring her to work a second job. The caterer that she worked for in her parallel life is so amazing that he prepared her roast vegetable dish, freshly sliced watermelon packed into containers and placed in her drivers car to be chauffeured to the dinner party. She arrives home to a clean house, (always) where her three dogs do not play in the dirt resulting in floors that remain clean. (Always) lack of sleep and overwork are no longer a problem, the tired induced clumsiness in no problem.No bruises, no sore limbs, no wounded pride.

I will however accept my sore hamstrings. I know I earned them with a great workout and I will wear that pain with pride. I love a good workout.

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Who am I kidding I’m a realist. It’s Sunday night, tomorrow is Monday and it will all be but a memory as my new week begins. I wonder what I’ll fall over, drop, smash, spill next weekend. Ahh at least I’m laughing at myself.

A repost

I am middle aged. When did this happen?

The Menopause Coach

I am middle-aged, I am peri-menopausal, I am a women in her 50s and I am where a lot of women are today.

Did you know there were 477 million women suffering from menopause in 2005

Skip ahead to the year 2025, the World Health Organisation estimates that 1.1 billion women worldwide will be aged 50 or over and postmenopausal.

There are approximately 4 million women between the ages of 40 and 65 in Australia and over 1 million in New Zealand right now who are somewhere between pre and post menopause. One of the many symptoms is weight gain

No, menopause itself does not actually cause the weight gain, but a hormone imbalance can cause weight gain.

So here is what happens in the lead up to menopause.

Hormones, oestrogen and progesterone fluctuate, which influence the hormones insulin and cortisol, eventually leaving a woman insulin resistance and stress sensitive

The result is:

Belly fat and other menopausal symptoms

It will be my role as a coach and mentor to help you through this period with ease and help minimise weight gain.

The average age of menopause is 51 years old however it can range anywhere from the ages of 40 to 58 years old.

I have been a Pilates instructor/personal trainer for 20 years. A large part of my customer base have been athletes and very strong, frequent exercisers. Last year I looked around at my clientele and noticed a lot of the women are 40+ and they are fabulous.

Forever thinking myself young, when did I turn 50? I don’t feel 50, I don’t look 50, but, jeez this is me, this is my demographic. I am one of those statistics I mentioned above.

I had the knowledge to help myself, so, why not share it.

I needed to make some changes to my business and within myself. I had the knowledge to help this age group. I embarked on a new exercise system aimed to this fabulous but sometimes self neglected age group. I ran a 10 week course with much success that it spurred me on to see what else I could value add. With some extra education in understanding hormones and menopause from the wonderful Lynn Miller and Paul Newson of Menofitness, I’m on my way to becoming a menopause coach.

I am one month into my training, Soaking up every bit of extra information I can sink into my menopausal brain and loving it.

I will be ready in another 4 to 8 weeks to take my pilgrimage into the world of menopause makeovers. Will you join me on my new path. I am looking forward to meeting like-minded beautiful women on this new journey.

Todays blog idea came from another course that Paul recommended we do in one of his live feeds. How to launch your expert business in the next 30 days. Finding your voice is first, in order to share your knowledge. Makes sense. It suggested there were three types of people.




those who like to be on camera.

I am the writer. Welcome to my first blog sharing my journey into hormone coaching. I will share what each new day brings as I take this new direction in business and in life. Wish me luck.

I’ll finish this by sharing a little humour with you, this is lovely and made me laugh because only women understand this !

If my body was a car, I would be trading it in for a newer model. I’ve got bumps, dents, scratches & my headlights are out of focus. My gearbox is seizing up & it takes me hours to reach maximum speed. I overheat for no reason and every time I sneeze, cough or laugh either my radiator leaks or my exhaust backfires!

Have a beautiful day ladies ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Watch this space for tips and invaluable information on how to feel better through Menopause.

Signing off

Janette xxx

Letting that little hand go

It’s my first born sons birthday tomorrow and I wrote a little something from the heart

i made a wish, once upon a time

That everything in my life

would work out fine

Enter one little boy we named Kade

My heart was full

He was more perfect than for all I had prayed

The cutest little man I ever did see

Innocence, cheekiness, mischievousness was bestowed upon me

He held my hand for many years

As he got older, he let go

I shed motherly tears

It’s ok though

Seeds you must sow

Live your life

I’ll watch you beautifully grow

Your hand may no longer be in mine

My love for you in one sentence I define

I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow

I love you to the moon and back infinity


Happy birthday from the proudest Mum in the world

Am I a Bingo Dingo?

Hello again, I am Miss over 40, over 50, not yet beyond. Self-confessed fitness fanatic, best in the business Pilates instructor, lover of food, have a fabulous lifestyle, fashion lover and apparent bingo attendee

What’s your thoughts on bingo? Is bingo for the elderly?

No funny comments if you are younger than me! I have played bingo on the rare occassion with my mum since I was young, it really is a fun game.

But seriously do we associate bingo with the elderly, we do, don’t we?

My beautiful mum is 83, mind as sharp as a whip. Before I go any further, who else finds that a rather odd saying? Generally it means the person is quite intelligent, however, I do think to myself, well how sharp is a whip? Hmmm it actually refers to the crack of the whip.

On that note, there is also sharp as a tack, well there is some ouch factor if you stand on one. This one relates to humour. Well my mum is sharp as a whip also sharp as a tack. Funny and intelligent. Thank God I took after her.

Last Saturday I rang my mum. “Mum I haven’t seen as much as usual lately” I suggested a mother daughter day on Sunday.

Excitedly, what will we do? She says. Let me surprise you! I thought movies? Nope there was nothing I thought Mum or I would get excited over. Oh yes the theatre ? I love the theatre,wizard of Oz playing. There was no tickets left for someone who has walking disabilities (age related), Mum, not me 😬

Bingo, light bulb moment, my mind again said yes actually, Bingo. My mind exploded with excitement. Bingo , she will be ecstatic. I find the local bingo, gathered all the information I needed and a plan was set.

Do you know what a bingo dingo is? No? It is someone who doesn’t play bingo who will then will arrive to play for the big one, yes the jackpot. It is kind of frowned upon in the bingo world.

I have had a few games, so not completely a novice. The last time was probably four years ago in a little country town, Mulwala (Victoria Australia) at one of the RSL clubs. I must mention first, I am not meat eater.

It was at this club, an agriculture district, that I had my first bingo win. The excitement welled in me as I waited one more number, I screamed BINGO and smiled like a Cheshire Cat with excitement. You will never guess? Well maybe you will, I won the jackpot.

The jackpot was? Yes, you guessed it, the biggest tray of meat you have ever seen. I donated it to my meat eating group of friends but rejoiced in the fact that I actually won something.

Sunday, I arrive at my mums at 1 PM, I pack her up into the car, she asks “ where are we going?” Bingo I replied.

I’m pleased to announce, she was happy. I dropped her at the front door and parked the car whilst mum secured a spot in the line to buy our bingo games.

Since it was my treat, when I arrived I took her spot in the line and allowed her to move to the side. Unsure of how many games to play, as the very experienced sometimes play up to 6 games, I, being not so experienced, turned to the sweet looking lady directly behind me to ask her advice. “Hello how are you today? “ What do you recommend I should do? Her rather terse response was “Go to the back of the line where you belong“ I said pardon, I do not understand. Why would you say that? You pushed in. It was at that moment I learnt of the competitiveness of the “ bingo groupies”

I explained that I did not actually push in, and that my mum had been in the queue. I found out afterwords when a lovely, somewhat less competitive lady sitting at my table explained to me, “those games are potential winners”, so if I won, she would be very unhappy. My logic is it works two ways, if she won she would be very happy and glad she did not push me out of my spot.

Anyway I won her over with my friendly chat I departed the line friends with Helen!

Enter the bingo room. Tables, so many tables, row after row, groups seated together bringing their thermos filled with steaming cofffee, homemade sandwiches, cakes, you name it, it was there. Seats saved, with simple bingo texts, that made the same statement as a reserved sign in a restaurant. Is this spot free? No, I hear, as they point to the BINGO texta.

The tables are long, possibly 8-10 seats each side. Mum and I were lucky enough to find two seats together, reality was, the person my seat was reserved for, failed to show. I’m pleased to say we were surrounded by lovely people.

2pm eyes down. We were playing 2 books each game. Not quite experienced, but no beginner either. I took in the atmosphere. This is serious stuff. I recall the days of comments such as legs eleven, number 11, number 8 shut, the gate, 2 fat ladies, 22. In the politically correct world we now live in, this has been eradicated. Apparently some of these quirky little sayings were racist, predudjice, insulting. Come on, it’s all a bit of light entertainment. Straight up the nu beds are called, on its own number 8, all the sevens 77,slightly more serious.

Game after game, so close, then “BINGO”. Last game (number 10) of first round, JACKPOT game. Number after number, I dotted them on my bingo game books with my special bingo texta, 3 to go, 2 to go, 48 was my last number. Then it came, I looked at my book, to sent messages to my brain, oh my god, “BINGO I yell so enthusiastically, the whole place stopped and stared. That Cheshire Cat was back. Everyone at my table, the table behind, all smiled and congratulated me. $280 buckeroos, dollars, whatever term you choose to use. In our hot little hands. I think my enthusiasm may have thawed there competitive iciness. Genuine congratulations I received.

I was asked to come back next week. Was that because they enjoyed my company? Or they want a chance to win back some money, I think laughing to myself.

2 more rounds, 10 games per round, 30 games over the day. 3 hours of concentrated entertainment, with no more wins. I looked around for Helen. Would she be glaring? My guess is a big YES.

Am I a bingo dingo? Questionable. I am not a first timer, but they don’t know that. I say no!

Will we go back, hell yeah! All my girlfriends called me, books in, book us in. I’ll be back in a fortnight my new bingo hall friends. Mark my words, Mum and I are going to be one of the bingo crew. Someone will be saving my seat in the near future!

Hopefully I do not become a bingo dragon breathing down the back of the neck of the lovely YOUNG lady in front of me in the queue. She’ll turn to me and ask what do you recommend, I will answer, buy four books, come sit with me and we will go halves in YOUR winnings. 😂😂😂😂😂 I’ll share my homemade sandwiches. 💋

Chat soon darlings ❤️